Voting Info


Special election for NYC Council 31st District (covering Far Rockaway and Bayswater) will be held on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. Voters registered for any party or no party will be allowed to vote.

Voting on Tuesday 2/23 will take place at your usual polling location. Early voting is now closed.


New "Rank Choice Voting" System

This election will follow NYC's new "rank choice voting system." Instead of choosing just one candidate, you will be asked to choose up to 5 candidates in order of preference (#1 being your top choice). While you are not required to choose more than one candidate, a vote for a #2, #3, #4 and #5 candidate will give each voter a greater voice in the election.


Join the movement...register to vote!

Voter registratioin for this month's Far Rockaway election is now closed. If you are not registered to vote locally, please click here to register now so you can join our cause and vote in future elections! 

What It Means To Register For a Political Party

You may register to vote in New York State by completing a  voter registration form. Political party enrollment is optional but, in order to vote in a primary election of a political party, a voter must enroll with that political party. Registering as a member of a party therefore allows residents to vote in that party’s primary elections, to help determine who will be that party’s candidates for the general election.

In many jurisdictions, the primary elections are more highly contested and more closely watched than the general elections. Therefore, while the choice to register as an independent or with any political party is up to you, you must register with a political party if you would like to participate in primary elections.