Our Mission: An innovative REVOLUTION for dire times

KlalVote is a nonpartisan Get Out The Vote campaign for the 5 Towns / Rockaway Jewish community. KlalVote is not affiliated with any particular political objective or any substantive political organization, locally or otherwise.

The Issue:

Our voice must be heard by government now. Recent events have illustrated the fact that our community’s political voice has been heavily limited due to insufficient voter turnout. We watch as others who organize grassroots voting campaigns achieve the political respect that we lack. Our own politicians lay leaders have stressed that personal relationships and campaign donations can only go so far. We cannot get left in the dust.

Voter turnout is our #1 political weapon. Voter turnout alone, regardless of election results, yields tremendous influence with our elected officials. So, yes, every vote makes an actual difference, even if it does not decide the winning candidate. Our vote is not just about who is elected at the federal, state and local levels, but also how the winners will treat our community each day of his or her term...Our Elected Officials Are Watching.

KlalVote: A Nonpartisan Voter Turnout Solution for 5 Towns and Rockaway

KlalVote.org is a groundbreaking platform that organizes the entire community by blanketing shuls, using the successful model of 72-hour crowd fundraising campaigns. 

Each local voter enters his or her name and affiliated shul on our site after voting, so we can collectively track our communal progress in real time. Captains and shuls engage in a fun and friendly “competition” for high voter turnout.

We aim to avoid all controversy by steering clear of political affiliations, endorsements, or debates over specific political objectives. We will leave those important issues to others. This is about voter turnout and gaining a voice for our community.


Roughly 6,000 KlalVoters! The foundation for arevolution 

"My brother is 47 years old. Today is the first time he voted. Thank you, KlalVote!"

In our inaugural Nov. 2020 election, we brought together more than 70 local shulswith broad support among rabbinic and lay leaders across our diverse communal spectrum. Our community can pat itself on the back for having successfully established an inspiring foundation of unity on which to build great things in the future.  

Voting Figures:

  • Our Far Rockaway community, which typically produces roughly 1,500 votes, garnered more than 2,500 confirmed voters listed on KlalVote alone. While final public polling results will be forthcoming, our early indication is that actual turnout was as high as 3,500-4,000 votes, exceeding our most ambitious expectations.
  • In the 5 Towns, where we began organizing shuls one week after our Far Rockaway launch, more than 3,300 KlalVoters confirmed on our site that they voted. Our early indication is that actual voter turnout hit record levels here as well.

These results will be a game changer. A number of our elected officials have already taken note of our project with great interest. They will view us very differently when they realize that our voter bloc can easily decide close elections. We now have an organized, grassroots infrastructure to increase voter registration and turnout in future elections. 

Our political future is ultimately determined from on High. May our unified hishtadlus, propelled by our collective tefillos, merit Divine Blessing for our community and beyond.  

Let’s do this together!



If you are not registered to vote locally, please CLICK HERE to register now so you can join our cause in the future! 


KlalVote is not affiliated with any candidate or campaign.    |    Contact: [email protected]