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Your Shul Leaders: Yisroel Wasser

Our 5 Towns Numbers

2020 Presidential election:
3,500 KlalVotes
Goal for this election:
4,500 KlalVotes

Our elected officials will view us very differently when they realize that our voter bloc can easily decide close elections.

Recent Voters

  • Charles Ungar

  • Chaya rachel salomon

  • Dani Russo

  • Daniel Stern (Moshe)

  • David Rabinowitz

  • DJ Shteierman

  • Dovid Moskowitz

  • Eleanore S Weiner

  • Hadassah Schlachter

  • henny rudansky

  • Hinda Fried

  • Israel Wasser

  • Judith F. Greenberger

  • Mindy Russo

  • Osna Wasser

  • Pazit Cohen

  • Rachel Wasser

  • RD Shteierman

  • Rochel Rena Moskowitz

  • Rudi Schlachter

  • Solomon Fried

  • Steven Schlachter

  • Susan solomon

  • Tzipora wechter

  • Vivian Ungar

  • Yehudah Eckhaus

  • Yisroel Wasser

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